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Serviço de Atualização de Site

Agência Global de Webdesign

Keeping your website up to date and accurate is crucial to the return on your investment! 

Our service is available for all of your existing website needs.

Our experienced website maintenance professionals will ensure proper implementation of changes and updates in a timely manner and seek approvals prior to publishing content live to your website.

We are here to work for you, to your specifications. We take pride in listening to our clients needs and meeting their demands accurately and in a timely fashion.

Summary Of Website Maintenance Service

  • Modification and Addition of Website Content 

  • Image Manipulation and Addition (client supplied images) 

  • Newsletter & email list maintenance 

  • Update announcements, articles, etc. 

  • Replace images i.e. pictures & graphics 

  • Adding/removing pages 

  • Website Design Changes 

  • Shopping cart product updates or additions 

  • Shopping cart price changes 

  • Shopping cart Specials or Sales

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Sample Page of a Web Update Report

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